Heal your body by healing your soul

Discover the Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records?

Everyone has their own "baggage" to carry through life, which is normal. If you want to live a life, you need to have and to create varied experiences. Some are pleasant, even wonderful, yet some are definitively not nice at all. You still have to choose your own trajectory in life.

What many people do not know is that all these experiences are with us all the time as energy. They are "stored" in what are called the Akashic Records. Our experiences shape us, we all know that. But some of these experiences might just come from beyond this present life: in other words, from former lives.

These days, more and more people have chosen to follow an atheistic philosophy, as they no longer feel the need to define the "Soul". But if we accept the notion that something is "animating" our bodies, well this must be some kind of energy. As the Law of Conservation of Energy states:  Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed. Consider this for a moment... where do our Souls go after one life? And where do all those memories of our experiences go?

Your Akashic Record is the storage place for all your memories, from the very beginning, the first moment of your Soul's creation. It is situated at what we call a fifth dimensional level.

Take Action: Soul Realignment

So how can we make use of the Akashic Records?

By examining and understanding our Akashic Records, we can find answers to the nagging, never-ending questions we may have about ourselves. We can find answers to why certain events and circumstances in our lives don't work out the way we want them to. We might have health problems, such as chronical diseases, or have weak spots in our bodies. We might be stuck in a difficult economic situation, despite all our efforts unable to achieve our goals, however hard we try. Perhaps there's a situation that keeps repeating itself over and over again, without any tangible reason or explanation. Do we feel trapped in some unfamiliar and undesirable destiny, or have unhealthy habits we’d like to be free of? Or do we have a toxic and destructive relationship with a close family member or good friend...?

We may also be uncertain about which educational or career path to choose. We can sometimes wonder if we made the right choices in the past, and become unsure of our true talents, gifts or calling.

There may be a perfectly natural explanation for some of these interrogations. Sometimes we've experienced things in our early childhood that we don't remember anymore. But sometimes an entire life has just not been enough to resolve certain problematics. And so we carry them with us into our next life, and then into the next... Luckily, problems can be resolved more quickly, these days, because we have more choices available to us. Significant changes are more likely and, better still, we are now able to get this overview from the Akashic Records! This allows us to deal with our problems once and for all, here and now. It’s like an energy clear-out. Physically, we've already moved away from the actual event(s), but the energies are still with us, and that's what we need to face in order to stop repeating ourselves and get out of vicious circles.

We all have many experiences, but some of them might be so unpleasant that they block who we truly are. This is why the Soul Realignment method has been developed: it is a wonderful tool to become conscious about your situation today and do something about it! With my help, you will find out who you truly are, and clear the blocks that are preventing you from living your life fully.

I also work with couples, since they have very often been through several lifetimes together. Clearing blocks with your partner will set your relationship free from negative patterns and bring peace to it.

It is also possible to do a reading for your child, which I warmly recommend. This is a great tool for guiding your child and helping him or her see clearly which path to choose in life.

There is no need to meet in person, simply because there is no time and no distance (as we know it) in the fifth dimension. To consult a person’s Akashic Records, their permission is essential (it is impossible to consult someone’s Akashic Records without permission from that person). I can do the work without your physical presence and meet you on Skype or equivalent afterwards.

And then...?

About me

My life so far has been full of contrasting experiences. There has been no obvious straight path but definitively my own connecting thread to follow.

Curious about our universe, I obtained a Master’s Degree in Theoretical Physics. However, my interest in cosmology, electromagnetic fields and quantum mechanics could not stop me there: the birth of my children – three wonderful rites of passage – unusual visions, and personal growth led me to explore these subjects in ways that go beyond the framework of the classical Scientist, following my own personal take on life. To really see the greatness of our universe, we need to be non-judgmental and avoid being closed to knowledge – or new experiences.

Struggling with health issues, mostly due to hypersensitivity and lack of energy, I tried a lot of different therapies. Not until I found the Soul Realignment did I come to understand what these problems were really about. I am profoundly happy to be able to help you become conscious of your own Akashic Records!

Having a natural gift of healing, unlocking little by little, I was introduced to Reïki and Reconnection in 2015. I offer sessions of Reiki healing, but only in person.

What will happen next – when this once-and-for-all clearing work is done, will my life just be perfect and thriving until I pass on??

Yes, and No. Let's just say that, for each challenge in life, inner blocks will show up. That's the beauty of facing challenges – they give us the opportunity to work on ourselves, in order to be able to get an even more fantastic life experience. If you’re facing blocks, it's because your current life situation is helping you see what you already have inside you. Therefore, when your blocks are cleared, you will thrive, Yes. Later on in your journey, however, you might meet new blocks because of a new situation... "new" meaning energetically different. For each challenge we grow stronger, and are thus able to enjoy life more and more.

We can then proceed through a reading of your life situation, which means that we look at the current blocks (such as situations, people around you, attitudes, health issues...) showing up in your life, and from there find the root cause(s) so as to clear it all out.

If you want to go deeper, there is also the possibility of learning more about your "Life Lessons". A life lesson is a theme of which we have come off-balance in our past (which is not the same thing as "sin"!), and working on a life lesson is a great opportunity to create an even more abundant life. We can, in this way, find our own way of expressing ourselves even more powerfully than before. It can though be precious to be conscient about these themes, to proceed faster in our own development and to avoid overdramatizing when the consequences appear in our lives.

Finally, for all of you who suffer from health issues, there is a possibility to work through this on a little longer laps of time. The results depend on how much you are ready to invest in changing your life - but if you embrace your personal transformation, then anything can happen, the only one setting up limits is you!

What Clients Say

Julia is sincere, authentic and gifted. My own soul recognised the veracity of what she told me, my exceptional memory could even tie some of it to events no-one else knew about. I feel free, focussed, empowered over my own life as never before. Thank-you Julia!

Aniela Hryniewicz, France